Brandon Whitaker

Brandon Whitaker: Born in 1984, Council Bluffs, Iowa.Graduated from Kelso High School in 2002. Bachelor of Art from Central Washington University in 2007. Started tattooing at Dragonfly Tattoo in Vancouver, WA in the Fall of 2007. Completed apprenticeship under Jassica Boaglio, Bones, and Zak Cooper. Started Surreal Skin in the Winter of 2008 along with his mother (Kathy Whitaker) and Jessica Boaglio. "My style can best be described as versatile. I specialize in freehand work, realism, portraiture, and custom design. Aside from tattooing, I also work in oil paint, charcoal, and color pencils."

Vance Aase

Vance Aase: Born in 1989, Kelso, WA. Graduated from Kelso High School in 2008. Attended Rutgers University in 2008. Started tattooing in 2009. Apprenticed under Brandon Whitaker at Surreal Skin. "I spent most of my life drawing on and off, when I found tattooing is when I become serious with my art. I strive for my work to look clean and solid. I enjoy tattooing most anything, black and gray or color doesn't really matter."


Bones: Born in 1947 in Chicogo, IL. Bones has been tattooing for 38 years. He began his long tattoo career under the late Cliff Raven at the renowned Chicago Tattooing Company. Bones has tattooed in Chicago, Japan, San Fransico, Seattle, Vancouver, and now at Surreal Skin in Longview, WA. Bones specializes in Oriental Style tattooing, and old school tattoo art.

Jason Hanks

Jason Hanks: Born and raised on the west coast bouncing between Sacto/Bay Area CA, and Kelso/Longview WA, I'm a husband, a father and a lifelong artist. Growing up without and eventually learning to despise television is what I attribute the hours of free time that I used to develop my eye and love for the arts. Although I was artistically self taught I attribute it to staying open to what I could learn from other artists or "standing on the shoulders of giants". Washington State University graduate...wish I'd have majored in art instead of electrical engineering (kinda,.. that physics stuff is pretty friggin cool).

While working as an electrical engineer contracting for PG&E in CA, I answered an ad on Craigslist in April of 2009 and completed a short apprenticeship with Alan Waiczis of Columbia Tattoo in Vancouver WA. Later that summer, I met Brandon Whitaker and his mother Kathy of Surreal Skin Tattoo and Piercing in Longview WA and in February 2010 began working in their shop.

I feel extremely fortunate to have found a talented, friendly and open group of friends to learn and grow from: Brandon Whitaker, Larry "Bones" Haddick, Jessica Boaglio and my man Vance Aase. I could go on and on....

Jessica Boaglio

Jessica Boaglio: Lifelong resident of Longview. Graduated from RA Long High School in 1993. Has a 2 year old son, Gavin. Jessica has tattooed at Skin Deep in Longview, WA, Dragonfly Tattoo in Vancouver, WA, and currently at Surreal Skin. In addition to tattooing, Jessica also paints (water color, oil) and does custom artwork as well.

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